Model Police Station

  Many efforts have been undertaken to improve Police organization and its functions in Pakistan since independence. As many as twenty one different reports have been produced on Police “Reforms’’, interestingly, however, none of the reports focused on the Police Station exclusively. In this backdrop, the concept of the Model Police Station has been under discussion for about two decades in Pakistan. No meaningful effort has been made to translate the concept into reality. The then worthy IGP Punjab, Mr. Khan Baig initiated an exercise in which he tasked all the Regional Police Officers to consult all ranks before coming up with suggestions regarding Model Police Station.

In furtherance, thereof, Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema, the then Regional Police Officer, Sheikhupura Region, tasked then DPO to prepare proposals regarding Model Police Station after consulting all the ranks. The undersigned conducted a meeting with all the ranks and has prepared these proposals in the light of the consultation. On the conceptual side, the Model Police Station is an in-house exercise to overcome the day to day organizational and functional problems faced by police as an organization. It is based on that Police Station is the basic organizational and functional unit of Policing and unless it is improved, monumental   improvement in policing will be limited. On the practical side, in preparation of the ‘Model Police Station’, proposals fine distinction and balance had to be struck between wish list and practicable steps. Another issue that occupied the discussion was whether the Model Police Station should be a rural or an urban Police Station. In this regard, two schools of thought emerged. The majority favoured Model Police Station as an urban Police Station; the minority took the view that it should be rural Police Station as the Punjab is predominantly a rural province. For the purpose of the instant plan, the earlier view was subscribed by the undersigned. The proposals are evolutionary in nature and by no means, they are final. Positive and constructive comments and criticism will be welcomed.

State of the Art Criminal Record Office

  Criminal Record office is the most important unit of the police, which assists police to bust hardened criminals. Therefore, a State-of-the-Art “Criminal Record Office” has been established at DPO Office, Kasur which provides its services round the clock regarding Cell Tracking has fine analysis, Tracing out of unknown accused through finger print data, preservation of crime scene, record keeping of criminals/gangs and others.  This unit is successfully working after its reforming and producing very encouraging results ultimately leading to enhanced performance of the police.



In this new developing world, criminals have also re-designed their patterns of criminal activities while they have also started using modern communication gadgets to achieve their goals.  In this purview, it was a dire need in this age of information technology to launch reforms in police that can combat these modern criminals.According to these new trends, Kasur police has also taken inspiration from international policing trends and made a step further in organizing new police structure and its effectiveness through PROMIS (Police Record & Office Management Information System). PROMIS aims at computerization of FIRs, its related updates, record of criminals (POs etc.), daily crime bulletin, data of vehicle theft/snatching & entries of all registers at P.S. etc. It, therefore, ensures effective Automation of Police Stations’ (PS) record and office management system of various Police Branches. In short, due to this system (PROMIS), Kasur Police is stepping nearer to meet international standards of a police organization.