Safety Tips

For the sake of facilitation and protection the citizens, District Police Kasur has started various campaigns in order to awakening the peoples how to verify CNIC and their SIMs so that they may be saved from any difficulties at the time of emergency circumstances. 

CNIC Verification through SMS

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), with the coordination with mobile phone companies, launched a service for the instant certification of identity cards via sending of the CNIC number through an SMS. SMS which consists of the CNIC number could be sent on 7000 using a mobile phone, in order to obtaining the name and father’s name of that particular CNIC number, this services is available only for the customers who are associated with Mobilink, Telenor and Warid. The customers of Ufone and Zong have not obtained this facility yet because this processes is about to be got listed.

SIM Information System 668

For the meeting in the security challenges, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) along with difference franchises has started information campaigns of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to ensure subscription regulations in cellular sector. In order to get the total number of mobile SIMs registered against a CNIC, facilities available to send the CNIC number to 668 through SMS. In response, the total detail of SIMs against CNIC can be obtained. Customer may visit to Customer Service Center at the time of any discrepancy for the purpose of data correction.

SIM Ownership Verification

The process of getting a new SIM has been changed now. You are bound to provide original CNIC to get a new SIM. All the franchises are following the instructions of PTA accordingly. The franchises are connected online (and via their mobile phones) to NADRA systems to verify the CNIC. Individuals can send a blank message to 667 to know their ownership. The response includes the name of the person and the NIC number. 

Emergency Situation

It is very essential for every individual to behave nicely, honestly and normally at the time of occurrence of crime. Whether you are in street of in office. And try to identify the criminal if you are on the safe place. If you are out of sight of the criminals, call 15 to inform the Police about the incident so that police may take all the remedial measures in order to tackle the happening issue.

Commercial Area

Hire security guards must be vigilant about all the activities all around of them. The user of transportation and carrying the business of valuable things must change their time and routs for the sake of avoiding any unpleasant activities. CCTV cameras, meticulous compliance and other technologies should be taken into consideration for the information of a police about any suspicious circumstance.

Double Your Money Hoaxes

Fabricated and concocted business may be shown time and again so as to attract the peoples in order to multiplying their financial gains, at the end it proves falsehood, deceive and materialistic pursuit. Registered companies should not allow any individual, group and stake holder to foster the any type of business. Double Shah is the example of such case.

Citizens' Safety

Verification, Identification and rectifications of servant, housekeeper, watchman, relatives and co-partner in business should be made so that the element of suspicions and doubt may be clarified. It is the prompt measure which can ensure tranquility, peace and harmony in all surrounding. In the case of any dubious identification, message must be given to police for the protection of the citizens, welfare of the people and smooth functioning rule of law so that nefarious, heinous and dubious element may be eradicated in the society.