Rescue 15

    This report is running about 15 as a know well that our profession is related about community 15 provide quick response to public. 15 provide emergency helf to public in the case of any ups and downs. With the help of 15 police reach on the spot with in no time police reach on the when any person call 15. Our agenda is based on human beings help. With the help of 15 a lot of evils are controlled by police. Citizen feed back call is established by DPO Kasur in may 2013 for the help of public. The main purpose of citizen feed back cell is to remove corruption from the society and maintain balance about justice. All villager activities are controlled by police with the help of citizen feed back. The pith and marrow of the whole above discussion is that the establishment of 15 kasur and citizen feed back cell is to provide cheap and quick help to public.