Recovery Statistics


Kasur Police is in the process of implementing an effective and multi-pronged anti cattle-rustling strategy. Some of the key features of this strategy are Preventive Detention of Rassagirs (Patrons), Publishing a Black Book of habitual Cattle Rustlers leading to their arrests, establishing police pickets at all district entry-exit points and 100% surveillance of transportation of cattle within and outside the district from sunset to sunrise. To make this strategy a success story, police needs an effective participation and feedback from the rural community. Kasur Police understands that Internet is not a very effective medium for reaching out to the people in the villages. We do not intend to employ the traditional and cumbersome method of theekri-pehra (volunteer watchmen) to prevent this crime, which causes great inconvenience to the people.
Recovery Summary: 127 stolen cattle have been recovered.


Kasur Police has a newly born outfit AVLC which has been created with the help of experts from Lahore and Karachi. This outfit will be working with the Police Stations to detect and impound the stolen / tampered vehicles playing in Kasur. In a recent operation this outfit has detected and recovered 28 stolen vehicles (of different kinds) from Kasur. Now a trained staff  is available at Digital Control and Rescue 15 office, where they provide a free of cost check-up of vehicles. Citizens can check their vehicles whether they are stolen / tampered or genuine. This service is designed to help the citizens of Kasur only.
Recovery Summary: 28 stolen vehicles have been recovered.

Cars Recovered

Kasur Police in a recent operation has arrested notorious and most wanted car lifters. They have confessed having stolen/ snatched about 19 cars from various districts of Punjab including Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot and Kasur. While most of these cars were smuggled to KPK and few vehicles were being sold and used locally. Subsequently, local police acting jointly with the ACLC team of Lahore Police recovered stolen cars from various parts of Kasur City and its suburbs. Lahore Laboratory Test was conducted on these cars to decipher the original Chassis/ VIN numbers and identify and track-back the original owners. Later on, District Police Officer Muhammad Saleem during a joint press conference handed over car keys to their original owners at Police Line Kasur.