Community Policing


Punjab Police is responsible to maintained law & order situations. The Police Order, 2002 provides that the government shall exercise its superintendence over the police to ensure it performs its functions efficiently in accordance with law. Article 9 read with Article 2 (xxvi-a) of the Police Order, 2002 provide that the superintendence shall be exercised by the Chief Minister through the Chief Secretary and the Home Department. Superintendence includes supervision of the police through policy, oversight and guidance.  

Masalhati Committee

Masalhati Committee was established on August, 2014 by Jawwad Qamar(DPO Kasur). This committee is working with police. The members of this committee are 12-16 per Police Station. Masalhati committee investigates the cases along with police for immediate solution for the problems of local public.  

Progress Summary

Total Marked Applications: 1200  
Processed Applications: 1150  
Under Process: 50  

Thikri Pahra

Thikri Pahra was introduced in September, 2014 by Jawwad Qamar(DPO kasur). In the district of Kasur with assistance of police patrolling to control the crime.  

IPLC (Indestrial Police Liaison Committee)

The foundation of Citizen Police Liaison Committee in Kasur has been laid to establish a peaceful and crime free society, to eliminate the gap between police and public, and to upgrade and modernize the police services. It is a non-political statutory body representing all segments of the society. It works under section 168, Police Order 2002, created to coordinate with district police in community policing. The establishment of a crime free society is not possible without the help and cooperation of public. When people will cooperate and police takes the responsibility, it will lead us in to achieve our target goals and peaceful society. The committee consists of 35 eminent citizens from all walks of life serving as a think tank for the community.  

The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 & The Punjab Transparency Right to Information Rule 2014


Commencement of the Act

The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 was promulgated by Provincial Assembly of the Punjab by Notification No. PAP-Legis-2(16)2013/969 dated Dec 16, 2013.


The essential ingredient of this Act is to ensure transparency and freedom of information to create that citizens have improved access to public information; to make the department more answerable to citizens and to enforce the fundamental right of access to information in all matters of public importance.


Under the above said Law, every citizen of a state has right to access the information from public body. The prime object of this law is to ensure transparency and accountability in public participation, to bridge the gap between public institution and citizen of the state. Public body is duty bond to provide information to any persons if it is not being the secret matter of public bodies.

The basic purpose of this Act is to promote facilitative, remedial and accessible measures for the sake of proving information to all the citizens of state. So that a good governance, sense of responsibility, freedom of expression and dispensation of justice may be ensured.

Appointment of PIO

Mr. Qadeer Ahmad Inspector Legal of Kasur District, has been notified as Public Information Officer (PIO). Separate cell in District Police Office Kasur has been established to provide the information to any person. Moreover, a body comprising of Office Superintendent, PIO and CRO has been constituted for the disposal of applications received through mail and to provide information to the applicant under the Law/Rules.

Kasur Police Website & Cell

For the purpose of the public awareness, website also has been launched which contains publications of notice board in all GOs Offices and all Police Stations. The Punjab Transparency and right to information 2013 also have been uploaded on Kasur Police Website for the Public Awareness.