Cattle Rustling

Traditionally, cattle rustling (theft) is the main crime of the Punjab.  Similarly, Kasur district is also facing this crime in most of the areas.  Previously, cattle rustlers were carrying out their criminal activities while police was also tracing out accused in old pattern.  Now the accused are well equipped with lethal weapons and other communication gadgets which help them to accomplish their goals.  In view of this aspect, police strategy has been reviewed and police is adamant to use effective old as well as new methods of tracing the accused like keeping a vigilant eye on habitual/previous record holders, arrangement of private informers, obtaining of mobile data in certain cases, arranging "Khoji" (foot-tracker). 

Besides, preventive measures are also being taken like establishment of Thekri-pehra" (volunteer village watchmen), proper record keeping at Cattlehead Market, creating awareness amongst owners to arrange proper building to minimize this danger.  Areas has also been categorized keeping in view cattlehead related crime ratio to work more effectively.